How can the owners remit levied contributions and other payments to the Strata Manager?

You can pay with cash or cheque at our office.

Electronic Transfer/ Direct Debit:
Please contact our office for electronic transfer details.

Our biller code: 75069 (Please note your reference number will not change – your reference number is located at the bottom of your levy invoice)

We are often frustrated by continual changes of the person dedicated to the management of our strata company’s business. Can we rely on a consistent dedicated manager?

Yes. Also our family operated business structure reduces the likelihood of staff turnover and produces a need to balance the size of the management portfolio to our available resources to achieve service efficiency and obviate anxiety that results from inconsistent attention.

Can we rely on proper advice to attend to problematical issues?

We are able to properly advise the council concerning the application of the by-laws and the Sections of the Act relating to proper control and management of the strata scheme.

We retain at our own expense a strata title consultant to assist us to provide proper advice.
We are also familiar with other strata title consultants and solicitors with whom the council or the strata company can confer relative to legal or complicated issues.

Can I expect to receive progressive financial statements year to date measured to the budget of income and expenditure?

Yes. The treasurer will receive regular financial statements of the income and expenditure year to date, a balance sheet and a statement of any arrears of levied contributions, to facilitate ongoing scrutiny and tighter financial control.

How can we better manage the behavioral by-laws to control occupants and visitors to the strata scheme without causing disharmony?

The fundamental knowledge of the meaning of the by-laws, the duty of enforcement of the strata company and the proper application of enforcement procedures together with consistent communication of the information to the occupants is one of the keystones.

Overlaying control and management policy and procedure of the council can also be developed and communicated.

Prior communication of proper information and clear policy and procedure and a firm and positive attitude to application and enforcement, will command attention and generally quell reaction likely to cause disharmony.

What can we do about indiscriminate parking in the strata scheme?

We’ll recommend to the council adoption of policy and procedure we have developed, which when linked to appropriate registered by – laws   and properly and clearly conveyed to the occupants of the housing has proven to be highly effective in maintaining orderly and compliant parking.

Can I rely on emergency and after hour services?

Business arrangements with various building and maintenance contractors in our professional network to attend to essential service defects and security issues after hours have been fostered to ensure reliability.

We also maintain close contact with insurers to secure authority on urgent remedial action necessary outside of usual business hours.

Click here to find out more about what is considered an emergency

What about forward planning of maintenance and repairs?

Building and maintenance contractors in our professional network can provide survey reports and forecasts on likely future maintenance and repairs

An appropriate sinking fund can be determined from the report to avoid potentially onerous one off contributions when the need for un-provisioned maintenance and repair suddenly catches you out.