Proxy Form (Enduring)

Important notes:

  1. A proxy holder does not have to be an owner but must be an adult of full age and capacity.
  2. A corporate owner (eg. a corporate super fund trustee) can only vote by a proxy holder.
  3. Co-owners of a lot (eg. husband and wife) can only vote by a proxy holder, appointed by all the co-owners (the proxy holder can be one of the co-owners).
  4. If a sole adult owner (not a co-owner) and his or her proxy holder both attend/participate, only the owner can vote.

If you want to revoke this proxy form, please give notice of revocation to the proxy holder and the strata manager.

Name(s) on Title

Enter Lot number

Eg. 4/1 Church Street, Fremantle

As listed on your AGM or Levy Notice

Leave blank if appointing Chairperson as proxy

Required for authentication purposes – must match email address registered with the Strata Company

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