A bit of history

For over 25 years, John and Julie Dethridge operated a substantial real estate agency, John Dethridge & Co dealing in sales, leasing, strata management and real estate development within the Fremantle area. Having seen the opportunities and potential posed within an emerging industry, they decided to focus exclusively on strata management with the formation of John Dethridge Strata Services in 2004.

Who’s who?

  • Joseph Dethridge
    Joseph Dethridge Senior Strata Manager

    Joseph Dethridge holds a Certificate IV in Strata Community Management and is accredited as a Level 2 – Certified Strata Community Manager. Joe offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise with over 12 years experience as a strata manager and manages a portfolio of over 650 strata lots.

  • Leila Dethridge
    Leila Dethridge Senior Strata Manager

    Leila Dethridge holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management, a Certificate IV in Strata Community Management and is accredited as a Level 2 – Certified Strata Community Manager. With over 20 years of experience in the strata industry, she has valuable knowledge, skills, and expertise; managing a portfolio of over 700 strata lots.


John and Julie Dethridge are the company directors and are active working participants both in and on the business.

  • Julie Dethridge
    Julie Dethridge Director
  • John Dethridge
    John Dethridge Director

Assistant Strata Managers

Caitlin Dethridge and Harry Kaye bring varied qualifications, knowledge, and skills to the provision of strata management, including the control and management of property maintenance and insurance services. They are both trained authorised representatives for CHU and SCI.

  • Caitlin Dethridge
    Caitlin Dethridge Assistant Strata Manager
  • Harry Kaye
    Harry Kaye Assistant Strata Manager / Business Development Manager

Industry Best Practice

We are members of the Strata Community Association (WA), the peak industry body for Body Corporate and Community Title Management in Australia and New Zealand. We respect and abide their Code of Conduct, acknowledging that industry professionalism enhances confidence and serves to fulfil the expectations of the public. SCA (WA) provide us with valuable training and information, which produces indirect flow-on benefits to our clients.

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