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“In a nutshell” your strata company is operating a business with a prime responsibility to properly perform the functions of management implied by the Strata Titles Act.

In this respect, John Dethridge Strata Services offer:

  • Technical knowledge of the Strata Titles Act relevant to the proper application of the duties, powers and functions of management conferred upon the strata company by law.
  • Purpose-built electronic administrative and accounting systems which facilitate efficiency and transparency, streamline communication and aid compliant performance of the functions of management.
  • General property intelligence and access to a network of accredited building service contractors, tradespeople and professional strata titles consultants to enhance the control and management of the strata scheme.
  • Proactive financial management and long-term forecasting of both administrative and reserve (sinking) funds, to ensure sufficient cash flow for timely maintenance, and fair levied contributions.
  • Risk management and minimisation procedures, including but not limited to, behavioural enforcement, incident recording and review, the safekeeping of keys, and maintenance of general security infrastructure.

Find that you never speak to the same person twice?

You will find the family operated business structure maintains consistent personnel, which augments a more personalised service, and a greater degree of familiarity with the business of your strata company.

We employ five strata managers who are each backed-up by in-house administrative support staff. This structure ensures staff have a detailed knowledge of their portfolios and individual needs. The firm’s directors, Leila Dethridge & Caitlin Dethridge have each more than 20 years’ experience in real estate and strata management, and are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

21st Century Strata Management

John Dethridge Strata Services have fully embraced the technological revolution when it comes to servicing our clients, with a range of new offerings post Covid-19 to make life easier for owners and encourage greater participation in strata decision making. This includes:

  • Facilitation of hybrid electronic and face-to-face meetings with optional attendance by Zoom for all strata company annual general meetings, providing for added convenience and fuel/emissions savings for attendees.
  • Advanced StrataVote meeting management software allowing owners to follow the meeting agenda and voting process on screen, including when attending in person or via Zoom.
  • Electronic voting via StrataVote for circular resolutions or annual/extraordinary general meetings where desirable, including for approval of lot-alteration applications and sustainability infrastructure contracts.
  • MRI Strata Connect Owners’ portal to access important strata company records and levy account information, including ability for council members to download up-to-date financial reports for the strata company 24/7 on demand to monitor income and expenditure.

Record Keeping Services

Section 104 of the Strata Titles Act imposes a statutory duty upon every strata company to keep and maintain proper records ofall correspondence, other notices and orders it or its council sends or receives”, as well as all of the official scheme documents, meeting notices, minutes and budgets.

In this respect, John Dethridge Strata Services have developed our own electronic document management and strata maintenance software which is continually improved to service the needs of our strata companies.

Emails sent or received in connection with your strata company are saved and archived into your strata company’s records.

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