Our Fee Structure

Time-Related Services

We recognise that not all strata companies are the same, and therefore believe that strata management services need to be flexible to allow for such variations in responsibilities and management requirements.

Unlike many strata managers, we primarily charge on a time-related basis for any work pertaining to your Strata Company.

We charge a minimal fixed-fee per lot to cover a range of routine accounting and secretarial services (specified in our management agreement).

Any additional services (as specified in our management agreement) will be charged on a time-related basis.

What are the benefits?

We believe this is a fairer fee structure as our charges are an accurate reflection of the work we do, as opposed to the all-inclusive fixed-fee charged by most other strata managers.

It allows for greater flexibility in enabling us to tailor our services specific to the needs of your strata company.

As such, the council of owners may be able to identify functions of management that they can act upon themselves, without engaging the strata manager’s services.

This also means that a strata company will pay less in a quiet year than they would in a busy year – reflective of the amount of work required to perform the functions of management.


We will provide your treasurer with monthly reports on the income and expenditure of the strata company, together with an activity summary of the work we have done, and an invoice for our fees and charges. This will ensure transparency and allow you to query any charges as they are incurred.

Services tailored to your needs

If there are specific services attributable to the management of your scheme that you wish to have included in the Strata Management Agreement, or there are services listed that are not appropriate to your scheme, we remain willing to negotiate with you.

This may also include the provision of fixed-fee contracts in cases where all parties believe this would best suit the needs of your strata company.

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