Services for Property Developers

We believe that in any strata development, the strata manager should be appointed at the earliest possible stage in the development process, even before the builder!

We are in the unique position having had the experience of managing strata schemes of all shapes and sizes, new and old for over 35 years – and we know what works!

We are available to assist throughout the entire development chain, from reviewing the concept plans and surveyor’s drawings to assisting owners with the move-in process, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition. We take pride in helping to create sustainable and thriving communities which will ultimately drive buyer demand.

Our services:

  • Assist developer and appointed surveyor in preparation of preliminary Strata Plan, including with regard to determination of lot boundaries and implications for future management of the scheme.
  • Assist in tendering and briefing strata lawyer for the preparation of scheme by-laws as may specifically be relevant to the orderly management of the scheme.
  • Assist with preparation of budget and proposed levy contributions for the first and second financial year for the strata company.
  • Assist in obtaining quotes for required insurance for the strata scheme to take effect from the date of ‘practical completion’, in collaboration with specialist strata insurance broker.
  • Coordinate tenders for facilities management, service providers and contractors to undertake ongoing maintenance and administration of the scheme as required.
  • Assist in tendering and commissioning of 10 year maintenance plan, asset registers and preventative maintenance programmes.
  • Assist appointed selling agent in preparing Precontractual Disclosure Statement with required information for prospective buyers.
  • Attend to any questions raised from time to time by the developer, their commissioned agents or prospective buyers referred to us by the developer or agents; including convening meetings and attending walk-throughs as may be required.
  • Prepare final budget/levy contributions pre-completion upon issuing of final unit entitlement schedule by licenced valuer.
  • Thereafter assist with preparation of any ‘notifiable variations’ required to be notified to purchasers as per Section 157 of the Act.
  • Liaise with conveyancers in respect of issuing of titles and preparing Section 110 Certificates on behalf of strata company prior to settlement.
  • Assist with settlement/handover logistics, communication with new owners, moving-in procedures, issuing of welcome packs and manuals.
  • Assist with preparation and convening of the ‘First Statutory General Meeting’ of the strata company as required under Section 77 of the Act.
  • Assist with defect management process/reporting.

Fee proposal

If you would like a fee proposal for any or all of the above-services, please contact our office.

Please ensure to send through the address of the scheme and any preliminary building plans that you may have which will assist us in determining the scope of work required.