How do you ensure transparency in relation to time-related charges?

Your Strata Company’s treasurer will receive monthly financial statements of the Strata Company’s income and expenditure, together with an invoice for our fees and charges, and an activity statement of the work we have done over the course of the month.

Such will enable the Strata Company to monitor and scrutinise any fees and charges as they are incurred.

Can we rely on a consistent dedicated Strata Manager?

Yes. Our family operated business structure means we have consistent staff, so you won’t be speaking to a different person every time you call the office.

Can we rely on proper advice in relation to technical problems?

Each of our dedicated strata managers and support staff are trained to have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Strata Titles Act 1985, relating to the proper management of your strata scheme.

We retain at our own expense a strata titles consultant to assist us in providing proper advice in relation to complex and technical issues.

We also work with a network of building maintenance consultants and legal experts which the Strata Company may engage to assist as required.

How do we pay our strata levies?

Electronic Transfer/ B-Pay:

You may pay your strata levies either by electronic bank transfer, or using B-Pay with online banking.

Please contact our office for electronic transfer details.

Alternatively, you may pay by cash or cheque over the counter at our office.

Can I rely on emergency after-hours services?

If you call our office after-hours, you will be given the mobile number of one of our rostered Strata Managers to call only in the case of an emergency.

See our page on ‘Emergency’ for more details.

What about forward planning of maintenance and repairs?

With the upcoming changes to the Strata Titles Act in the latter half of 2019, all strata schemes with 10 lots or more, or those that meet the criteria as defined under the new Regulations will be required to have a 10-year plan for anticipated maintenance, together with a reserve (sinking) fund to cover the cost of such remedial expenditure.

Our network of building maintenance contractors will be able to assist with this in drafting a report from which future levied contributions can be determined.